Conrad Gallagher

Conrad Gallagher’s taste, style and passion for fine cuisine have defined his storied career as an accomplished chef that has presided over some of the country’s top kitchens. In a never ending quest to deliver paramount hospitality experiences, Gallagher travels the world for new inspiration to marry with his classical training and techniques. Outside of his work in the kitchen, Gallagher is also an accomplished writer. In 1996, he penned his debut book, published by A & A Farmer and aptly named, Conrad Gallagher New Irish Cooking Immediately, the cookbook earned Critical acclaim “…one of the best cookbooks of 1996.” Gallagher’s second cookbook was published 1998, One Pot Wonders ,published by Kyle Cathie Books London was a huge hit selling in 4 different languages, This was soon followed with, in 3 easy steps in 2002 and take 6 ingredients 2004 both published by Kyle Cathie books, London , Gallagher has stared in countless TV cookery shows and most recently presented Conrad’s Kitchen and Head Chef, His on line cooking classes are being launched in March 2014 after successfully holding a Pop up Cooking series throughout united states hosting classes in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan beach and Costa Mesa and selling over Ten thousand tickets.

Gallagher is now consulting and developing Restaurant concepts for many top restaurant and hotel groups creating state of the art eateries and helping restaurants keep up with trends in a ever changing market. Fashion and design provide inspiration as well. He explains, “Food goes through similar style trends and redefinitions as fashion. You need to know that landscape to understand how to achieve something timeless. Gallagher credits his staying power with this quest for timelessness and an enduring love of restaurants. “I still dream of a small restaurant I visited in Provence decades ago that taught me the balance of simple flavours and the art of heartfelt hospitality,” he said. “Still today, I dine out all the time, first because I love it, but secondly because, as a chef, you need to see restaurants from the dining room perspective, not just from the kitchen. You have to be vigilant about every facet of the meal.”