Michelin Star Chef

My taste, style and passion for fine cuisine have defined my career story as an accomplished chef that has presided over some of the world’s top kitchens. In a neverending quest to deliver paramount hospitality experiences, I have traveled the world for new inspiration to marry with my classical training and techniques. Through the years I have written and published world-renowned cookbooks.


I have also starred in many TV cookery shows and presented the shows “Conrad’s Kitchen” and “Head Chef”. After owning Michelin-starred restaurants in Dublin and several concept restaurants in Dublin, London, and Cape Town. I now work as a private chef with my International team for high-profile families, operating villas and palaces around the globe. We supply very skilled private chefs and butlers to estates, homes, and yachts, around the world.


I am CEO of Food Concepts 360 an International hospitality company that creates new restaurant concepts for Hotel and Restaurant Companies. I co-manage with my wife Candice Gallagher, the very popular chefs recruitment agency The Chefs Connection an international chef agency placing Michelin star chefs around the world.


Late 2020 will see, the opening of The Chefs Playground, a new culinary event space where avid cooks can shop for chef’s toys, chefs tools, chef cookbooks, designer chefs clothes, and host cooking classes and culinary events including food products launches and pop up dinners.


December 2021 will see the re-opening of the legendary Michelin Star Restaurant – Peacock Alley after an almost 20-year break. The restaurant based in St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape will open December – April for dinner only 7 pm – 10 pm and will offer a tasting menu only.