Chocolate Ganache Tart

Chocolate tart is a decadent dessert consisting of dark chocolate, cream and eggs, beaten together, poured into a crisp, sweetened pastry shell and baked until firm. It is considered a form of custard tart because it includes an egg-based filling. The dish is similar in composition to chocolate mousse, however, being baked gives the chocolate tart a firmer texture.

In Australia the chocolate tart came to national attention after being featured on the first series of MasterChef Australia in 2009. Subsequently, billed as “Australia’s most famous dessert”, a chocolate tart recipe became one of the deciding factors in determining the winner of the series final, although the recipe had been simplified from the original for the show.


Cookie Crust

1 1/2 cups cookie crumbs (sugar cookie, graham cracker, digestive, etc.)
6 Tbsp unsalted butter melted
1/4 cup caster sugar
2 Tbsp orange rind

Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling

12 oz Valrhona Chocolate (340g)
8.5 oz heavy whipping cream 1 cup (240g)
4 Tbsp unsalted butter room temperature
2 Tbsp 70% cocoa powder
1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
1 Tbsp ground hazelnut


Cookie Crust

  1. Preheat oven to 285 deg F
  2. Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl until crumbly. Press firmly into a 9″ tart pan (sides first, then bottom) Bake for 4/5 mins. Cool completely in pan.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling

  1. Place the chocolate, butter, cocoa and hazelnut into a large bowl.
  2. In a small saucepan, bring cream, cinnamon, just barely to a simmer. Pour over chopped chocolate mix and cover bowl immediately with plastic wrap. Let stand for a few minutes. Stir with a spatula until combined and smooth.
  3. Pour into cooled tart shell and allow to bake at a 60 deg f oven for 60 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle with maldon sea salt and drizzle with shaved chocolate or cocoa, serve at room temperature without even placing in the fridge, whipped cream or Vanilla ice cream is a great compliment.

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