Duck Parfait – Duck Rillette

Duck Parfait – Duck Rillette – Watercress – Truffle Aioli, Grape, Apricot


Duck Legs – 4 Large

Duck Fat – 20 grams

Pink Pepper Corns – 5 grams

Maldon Sea Salt – 5 grams

Prunes – 5 grams

Dried Morels– 5 grams

Mixed Peppercorns Green, Pink, White – 2 grams

Duck Liver – 100 grams

Butter – 25 grams

Cognac – 10 grams

Chopped Garlic – 5 grams

Chopped Onion – 5 grams

Baby Spinach– 10 grams

Red Grapes– 3 grams

Dried Apricot – 3 grams



  1. Using a thick bottom pan – melt the duck fat, season the duck legs with salt, pepper, add the duck legs to the duck fat add the prunes and simmer slowly for up to 2 hours.
  2. When cooked allow to cool down, remove the duck and prunes from the fat and pick off all the duck meat from the bones, using a food processor blend gently the duck mix until shredded slightly.
  3. Using a pan roast the morels and mixed peppercorns until dry and grind to a fine dust in a coffee bean grinder.
  4. Using a thick bottom pan – melt the butter and add the chopped garlic and onion. Add the duck liver and cook gently until medium rare, flame with the cognac and remove from the heat.
  5. Add to a blender and blend until smooth, strain from a fine strainer and set aside to cool down and set.
  6. To wrap the parfait in the rillette- place an even square of foil on a table , place the duck rillette mix on top and make a perfect square, place the set parfait in the middle and roll into a Swiss roll shape. Place in the fridge to set, when set remove the foil and roll it in the mushroom pepper mixture to create a nice crust. Roll in cling wrap until ready to slice and serve.
  7. Cut the spinach into thick shreds and deep – fry until crispy.
  8. Slice the grapes, dice the apricots, using a squeeze bottle arrange nicely perfect dots of the truffle aioli.  Arrange the grapes and apricots well and place the crispy spinach in the middle of a plate and cut a thick slice of the duck rillette and duck liver parfait and serve.

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