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Food & Fashion

It’s a tale as old as time. These two aspects of our lives play a significant role in our subconscious minds.

These two domains rule the world. They can often determine how wealthy a person is, they can determine how someone carries themselves and even how one looks after oneself. Using an example, when purchasing a new home, one of the biggest “must-have features”, usually includes a state of the art kitchen, barely used by the owner. Why?

Well, let me enlighten you.

Society has taken a dramatic shift over the past few years, from women spending most of their day preparing meals for their “adoring”, husband’s, to both males and females, being equal in the culinary industry, women going for brunch and mimosas with their friends, male models hitting the runway, plus-size models, etc.

These are a few topics that tickle my taste buds. Simply dipping my spoon into the soup bowl of life in the fashion and food phenomenon, I have observed certain patterns.

Fashion is fueled by food. The precise, natural beauty. Caviar is the new black and everyone needs a little black dress, however, you have to be able to FIT. This is where fashion started stirring the pot. How do you keep a positive persona with size zero models? Make them wear the delicious masterpieces they so desperately want to consume? If we look at brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, who have collaborated with the hospitality industry and production lines such as Smeg, it’s clear that they are trying to convey a well-thought-out message. And the public, the public loves it, who doesn’t want a beautiful designer toaster?

This however didn’t last very long, fooling the public is an art on its own. So the fashion industry brought inclusiveness into the mix, adding some spice. Plus-size models, the newest trend. And the only thing on all the headlines is “What Ashley Graham eats in a day”. Why are we so eager to dehumanize for the sake of putting a label on anything and everything?

Why do some of the most sought-after humans eat tissues to fill their bellies before selling us their presence? I say let them eat a Petit four!

In all honesty, the most sought-after humans are those who enjoy good food, and not those who wear it. And when it comes to wearing your food, yes, you wear tour calories too. My question is, would you rather it be tissue or caviar?

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