Oysters – Radish, Pear, Beluga Caviar


Oysters – 4 Large

Finely Diced Pear – 25 Grams

Finely Sliced Radish  – 10 grams

Finely Sliced Cucumber  – 5 grams

Soy Sauce  – 5 grams

Lime Juice  – 5 grams

Cream Fraiche  – 5 grams

Beluga Caviar  – 5 grams

Chervil – 3 grams

Sea Salt

White Pepper



  1. Chuck the oysters and loosen the meat from the shell.
  2. Using a small bowl pour the oyster juice into the bowl and mix with soy sauce, lime juice and salt & pepper.
  3. Using an egg carton place the oyster shells on top to allow balance for building the oysters.
  4. Pour the soy sauce mixture evenly over the oyster meat and allow it to seep through.
  5. Garnish the oysters with cucumber by placing on top of the thinnest part of the oyster.
  6. Top with the pear and sliced radish, add a spoon of cream fraiche and finish with a spoon of caviar.
  7. Top the garnish with a sprig of chervil and serve.

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