As founder and CEO of Food Concepts 360, The Chef’s Connection and The Chef’s Playground, Conrad Gallagher brings over 30 years of culinary and hospitality industry experience in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, South Africa, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Together, these focused, specialist businesses offer a full spectrum of services to the F&B sector.

Food Concepts 360

Food Concepts 360 is a leader in end-to-end, turnkey hospitality solutions, with proven expertise in new restaurant developments as well as revamps and turnarounds. Headquartered in South Africa and Dubai, Food Concepts 360 operates in southern and east Africa, the Middle East, Maldives and other global culinary destinations. We specialise in original, lifestyle-driven guest experiences, delivered by an integrated multi-disciplinary team for creative solutions that make sound business sense.
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The Chef’s Playground

Our playground is the modern kitchen, where we explore different cooking techniques, cuisines and flavours for an unforgettable learning and tasting experience for both professional chef’s and skilled cooks. The Chef’s Playground offers masterclasses in specific national cuisines and preparation of extravagant tasting menus, finished with working tastings and wine service, as well as an online shop for specialist chef tools, prep ware, serving ware, chef clothing and cookbooks.

The Chef’s Connection

The Chef’s Connection is a bespoke recruitment agency connecting culinary directors, executive chefs, specialty chefs and pastry chefs with short-term projects, long-term engagements and private chef assignments across the world. We open doors to global career opportunities for talented young chefs and represent leading chefs at the top of their game, with personal attention to every step of the placement and recruitment process.
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